The NLP Practitioner's Student Manual with Café

The NLP Practitioner's Student Manual with Café
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205M NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training Manual (Student Edition)

This is the classic NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training Manual First created in the early 1980s.  Updated multiple times, it is the basis for NLP training taught worldwide for over 40 years. With this as the foundation of your training, you will have one of the most complete NLP pieces of training ever offered.

Comprehensive isn’t just a word to us. The fact is, much of the material included here as part of our basic training you will only find in “advanced” training offered by others. Strategies for instance is a complete NLP model virtually abandoned by almost all other training programs.

This training design is intended to be taught over 24 six-hour training periods. Your trainer may elect to change the sequence, offer some selections as stand-alone programs, or deliver the training in chunks sized appropriately to your context.

In any case, learning even 80% of the content herein will put your head and shoulders above the masses of NLP students.

Here are the patterns and processes included:

Table of Contents

Section 1: Enhancing Perceptual Abilities

Section 2: Building Deep Rapport & States of Excellence

Section 3: Accessing and Sequencing Resources

Section 4: Transforming Limitations into Resources

Section 5: Exquisite Information Gathering

Section 6: Setting Useful Outcomes

Section 7: Language of Influence 

Section 8: Dealing with Incongruence

Section 9: Mediation & Negotiation  

Section 10: Six-Step Reframing

Section 11: Ecology

Section 12: Introduction to Strategies

Section 13: Decision Strategies

Section 14: Motivation (& Other) Strategies

Section 15: Learning Strategies

Section 16: Submodalities: Building Blocks of Internal Experience

Section 17: Metaphor (include Geese Lessons Somewhere)

Section 18: Integration

Section 19: Creating Resources