The Tote Utilization Process

The Tote Utilization Process
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Ever feel like you’re stuck in an endless cycle of ineffective behavior? The T.O.T.E. Utilization Process is a powerful tool that can help you break free from that cycle and start achieving your goals. This program will show you how to use the T.O.T.E. to achieve the changes you want in your life.

The T.O.T.E. is a central organizing concept of NLP. T.O.T.E. is an acronym for Test, Operate, Test, Exit. In this program, Robert Dilts shows how the concept can be actualized in behavior and experience to produce desired personal change.

From the introduction:

This program illustrates the tote utilization process. Tote is a central organizing concept of NLP. It's an acronym for test, operate test exit, which was originally described in the book Plans and the Structure of Behavior by George A. Miller, Eugene Galanter, and Karl H. Pribram,  and published over 30 years ago. The First T in tote stands for test, which is the cue that tells us when and where we need to do something. The operation is what we actually do to achieve our goal. The second test lets us know when we've succeeded in reaching our goal, and it's time to exit and move on to something else. In this demonstration, Robert shows how the tote concept can be used in a very simple and straightforward way to bring about desired personal change.

As usual Robert will demonstrate and sort out for you the other things he is doing simultaneously. Those are important, and yet you will benefit from simply the basic process itself.

Some of the benefits you will learn from this program include:

  • Using NLP to bring about personal change. (0:00)

  • Using NLP to transform beliefs and improve communication. (4:20)

  • Embracing needs and goals for a fuller life. (9:44)

  • Providing emotional support to someone. (18:15)

  • Accessing submodalities for personal growth. (22:22)

  • Using embodiment to access resources for problem-solving. (29:34)

  • NLP work and physiological changes. (34:32)

One of the most basic uses is to elicit the three elements of the T.O.T.E. loop for both an effective and an ineffective behavior, and then contrast them for the differences.

Then, simply return to the ineffective situation and either 1) replace the elements of the ineffective T.O.T.E. with the corresponding elements of the effective T.O.T.E. or 2) add the elements of the effective T.O.T.E. to those of the ineffective T.O.T.E.

Once you’ve learned this process, you’ll be able to apply it to any area of your life where you want change – from your personal relationships to your professional career. You can even use it to improve your physical health and well-being!

So get this program now and start using the T.O.T.E to get those great changes in your life!