The Essence Of Intuition

The Essence Of Intuition
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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt

You know how it is when you get that sudden inspiration, that sudden idea, and things suddenly fall into place?

All at once you're able to make the right choice and confidently move forward. That's what you have when you have well-developed intuition.

The “Essence of Intuition” audio seminar is another brilliant piece of work by Charles Faulkner. Charles is one of the real innovators and masters in the field of NLP and has been for decades. In this work, he analyzes that phenomenon we call intuition. He breaks it down into its fundamental components and reassembles it in a systematic model that allows you to better and more consistently apply it in your life. As you have surely experienced already in your life, intuition can create breakthroughs in creative thinking and problem-solving.

In this unique audio seminar, Charles Faulkner demonstrates how all ideas start as intuitions. You’ll examine how people actually listen to their intuition; how to use emotions to encourage rather than block intuition; and how to sort out false intuitions from real ones. Charles teaches the intuition methods of several great inventors, discoverers and decision-makers. You’ll get to contrast the limits of logic with the possibilities of intuition!

You will learn:

  • How well-developed intuition leads to making the right choices confidently.
  • How to apply intuition more effectively.
  • How intuition can lead to creative breakthroughs and improved problem-solving skills.
  • How intuition plays a fundamental role in generating ideas.
  • How to listen to intuition,
  • How to use emotions to enhance it
  • To distinguish between genuine and false intuitions.
  • To understand the limitations of logic and the possibilities offered by intuition
  • Pascal’s Distinctions Between the Mathematical and the Intuitive
  • Bergson’s Doctrine of Intuition
  • Modeling Two Types of “Genius”
  • Intuition as a Natural Process
So grab your copy and get started now!

Want More Detail? Here's a Complete Topical Index:

Intuition vs. logical thinking. (0:00)

Intuition and logic. (2:16)

The island of reason in a sea of experience. (7:26)

Intuition vs. logic. (13:27)

Intuition vs. deduction. (16:03)

Areas of deep knowledge and areas of intuition. (23:15)

What is a good fit? (29:44)

Intuition as a way to knowledge. (33:23)

The quantum aspect of dreams. (40:06)

Are we ready for experience? (46:45)

Intuition vs. primary principles. (50:30)

The whole is always greater than the parts. (57:40)

The essence of intuition exercise. (1:04:55)

Being involved in the experience. (1:07:35)

The story of the chancery gardener. (1:13:40)

How do you think about teamwork? (1:21:32)

How to pick the right puzzle. (1:23:59)

The doubting game and believing game. (1:29:46)

If it ain't broke, break it. (1:36:28)

The most developed and least developed systems. (1:39:13)

Exercise to develop intuition. (1:45:45)

Do you really want to know what's going on? (1:51:23)

How to use intuition as a signal. (1:54:54)

How to develop your intuition? (2:00:06)

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Author: Charles Faulkner
Length: 140 Minutes