The Swish Pattern

The Swish Pattern
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This is the classic submodalities pattern used for a wide variety of outcomes. The Swish Pattern is a rapid, effective intervention for modifying habits and feelings. It was first a standard for motivation and for smoking cessation.

The Swish is a fundamental example of a submodalities change process. The Submodalities model is one of the most generative behavioural models in NLP. It  has been used to create standardized patterns for resolving a large variety of issues both restoratively, to heal, and generatively, to create new desired behaviors and states like motivation. 

Formal patterns developed using the NLP submodalities model you will find here in the shop include Responding To Criticism, Resolving Shame, The Swish Pattern, and Changing Beliefs. 

This program includes two demonstrations by Steve and Connirae Andreas. Steve helps one client eliminate a nail-biting habit. A second Swish demonstration features a woman who felt rage when her daughter used a certain tone of voice. Connirae assists her in adopting a new, more appropriate response to her daughter’s communications.

Author: Steve Andreas
Length: 71 Minutes