Changing Timelines

Changing Timelines
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How is it that some people are more past, future, or present, oriented? What makes it difficult for some people to have goals or to move forward on the ones they have already set? And what is the basis for some people feeling every experience strongly while others are more detached?

Timelines (the way people “code” time) is one of the more easily understood models in NLP. Useful for problem solving, the model is also very useful in setting goals and creating the motivation to achieve those goals. Timelines can provide answers to many situations including being preoccupied with the past or unable to remember the past, repeating past mistakes, or feeling depressed.

People who are strongly past-oriented tend to dwell on the past and may have difficulty moving forward. They may be sentimental and nostalgic, and they may find it hard to let go of things. People who are strongly future-oriented tend to be planners and goal-setters. They may have trouble living in the moment and may be always looking ahead to what’s next. People who are more present-oriented are focused on the here and now. They may be more spontaneous and flexible, and they may find it easier to enjoy the moment.

Temporal orientation is a personality trait that is relatively stable over time. It is thought to be influenced by cultural factors, and it has been linked to different outcomes in life. For example, people who are more future-oriented tend to have higher levels of education and income, while people who are more present-oriented tend to report higher levels of satisfaction with their lives.

So if you find yourself always living in the past, present, or future, don’t worry – it’s just the way you’re wired! And there are upsides and downsides to every orientation. The important thing is to find a balance that works for you.

Changing Timelines teaches a powerful way to understand and change these and other basic aspects of who we are. You will get demonstrations of three fundamental elements of changing Timelines. First Connirae will guide you through eliciting a Timeline; next you will observe how to explore having a different Timeline; and finally, you will learn and experience how to change one.

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Author: Connirae Andreas
Length: 77 Minutes