Aligning Perceptual Positions

Aligning Perceptual Positions
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Aligning Perceptual Positions – What do you really want? How do you really feel? Are your answers colored by what someone else wants or feels? In this subtly powerful process, you get clear about your wants, desires, and boundaries. Learning

The difference between what are truly your desires and those imposed by ohters makes life easier and more satisfying. You’ve experienced getting something you wanted, and still left feeling empty. Knowing what is yours, what is really worth it to you, is key to deep satisfaction. What do you really want and is it worth having is one of the key questions NLP helps you answer. In the process, you also get clear about where your boundaries are, and how to keep them clear and strong. 

This is the first phase of the Core Transformation process, which enhances a person’s ability to see clearly from three perceptual positions – self, other, and observer – without contamination from another position or from past situations.

Author: Connirae Andreas
Length: 77 Minutes