Business Applications Of NLP

Business Applications Of NLP
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Sales, customer relationships, formulating an organizational vision, negotiation, Changing corporate cultures, and improving morale: These are only a few of the arenas where NLP can be valuable in the work place. An edited recording of two live seminars, this audio provides an overview of NLP in the business world. It also provides demonstrations of two elements needed for peak individual and organizational performance, rapport and personal congruence.

Business Applications Of NLP  is an edited compilation of two live seminars presented by Lara Ewing. This advanced program is specifically for the professional consultant or coach. It’s the kind of thing that can add just the tool that gets you that “one more” engagement this year, and for years to come. It’s an opportunity to experience for yourself how a great consultant works and thinks.

Lara Ewing is one of the most accomplished and successful of the great consultants and trainers matriculated through NLP Comprehensive. As a specialist in cross-cultural training, and executive coaching, Lara consulted with major companies around the world. Her corporate clients include American Express, Citicorp, and Hewlett Packard. Formerly Director of Training and then President of NLP Comprehensive, she has been exclusively in private practice as an Executive Coach for C-level talent since 1998.

You can no longer hire her, but you can get this distillation of her wisdom, talent, and audacity. This special program provides both an overview of NLP in the business world, and it also gives you powerful demonstrations of two elements needed for peak individual and organizational performance.

We’ve made it easy for you to get these tools for yourself. You can let Lara’s talent to work for you immediately to create a more satisfying, responsive business environment, and personal life.

The magic of NLP is that it is so natural it is transparent. In both business and personal settings, it’s your flexibility of behavior, your ability to create rapport, to listen and hear, to see distinctions, to be at ease and quickly adapt to different environments that gives you an ‘edge’. This program will show you how to use those tools for yourself.

The more of these NLP skills you master and can use personally, the more choices and options you have, and the more resourceful you are.

There are many arenas where NLP is valuable in the work place.

You Can Apply these Skills in:

Marketing, Sales and Customer Relations, Building and Communicating an Organizational Vision, Project Management, Negotiation and Mediation, Changing corporate cultures, and improving morale Presentation Skills and Public Speaking, Management Development, Training and Education, Defining and redefining roles in the organization.

Conversational (covert) Coaching with associates and peers (like above)
If you’re an experienced consultant or you’ve had some good basic training in NLP, this program will move you another step forward. It’s practically guaranteed to generate another engagement for you this year, and every year, as it has for so many people just like you.

Author: Lara Ewing
Length: 120 Minutes