Resolving Shame

Resolving Shame
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Most experts acknowledge shame as a root cause of many difficulties – including alcoholism, drug abuse, and codependence. Steve Andres examines the structure of shame, then demonstrates a rapid method for resolving shame and regaining a sense of self-esteem. Note: Viewers need prior NLP experience to benefit from this audio.

Submodality modeling of behavior has been used to create standardized patterns for resolving a large variety of issues both restoratively, to heal, and generatively, to create new desired behaviors and states like motivation. 

This is one of a series of patterns developed using the NLP submodalities model, one of the most generative in NLP. In this audio Steve does a very nice job of eliciting the submodality distinctions that make up the client's stuck state of shame.Examples of such patterns you will find here include Responding To Criticism, Resolving Shame, The Swish Pattern, and Changing Beliefs.

Author: Steve Andreas
Length: 32 Minutes