NLP Comprehensive
Leading The Field Since 1979

NLP Comprehensive is well known for leadership in NLP. Since 1979 we have been bringing you the latest proven developments in NLP. Our founders Steve and Connirae Andreas were among the first to publish many of the most important texts on NLP. Titles by the Andreas' which have endured the test of time include:
  • Frogs Into Princes 1979
  • Trance-Formations 1981
  • Using Your Brain for a Change 1985

These wonderful works were taken from transcripts of seminal trainings sponsored by NLP Comprehensive featuring Richard Bandler and John Grinder. These books formed the foundation for the practice of NLP over the next two decades.

As a result of their numerous books, the training side of the business grew to where NLP Comprehensive, originally NLP Colorado, was created as a separate company in 1979. To this rich body of information the Andreas' added other works, Change Your Mind and Keep the Change ( 1987), Heart of the Mind ( 1989), and Core Transformations (Connirae & Tamara Andreas, 1994).  Steve modeled the great family therapist Virginia Satir: The Patterns of Her Magic (1991) and Steve's latest and most important original work, Transforming Your Self in 2002. These works represent over 25 years of excellence, research and application in the field of NLP.

Other important authors, trainers, and developers who have been associated with NLP over the years include: Leslie Cameron Bandler, Michael LeBeau, Robert Dilts, Lara Ewing, Charles Faulkner, David Gordon, Michael Grinder, Tim Hallbom, Robert McDonald, Joseph O'Connor, Suzi Smith, and many more. Many of the founders of other NLP organizations got their start and their original model of how and what excellent NLP training is from NLP Comprehensive. These trainers and Institutes include NLP Institute of California (Tom Dotz), Anchor Point Institute (Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith), NLP Institute of Chicago, Venezuela, San Antonio (Tom Best), and Centro Mexico de PNL.

Longevity is a good thing, and some credibility is gained when an organization endures, integrity is far more important. Today NLP Comprehensive still maintains the same code of ethical standards for the practice of NLP as formulated by Steve and Connirae. The most important of these standards are explained below:

  • NLP is a discipline. Steve and Connirae applied their understanding of NLP to themselves first and foremost. They tested their belief in the tremendous potential of NLP to make a positive difference with themselves, their family, and with their clients. Out of their experience came many important discoveries about the power of using NLP as a life discipline. This is why the trainers who present for NLP Comprehensive are always people who were trained by the Andreas' or their students and who have demonstrated their ability to apply NLP in their lives and their work.
  • NLP is Systemic and Ecological. NLP is a tool and it is possible to misuse tools. Our training places a strong emphasis on the systemic and ecological use of NLP. Graduates of NLP Comprehensive's Certification Programs have been thoroughly immersed in the ethical use of NLP. Further, we carefully review all the publications and materials we offer to insure that our inventory includes only the best works on NLP. When you really understand NLP you realize that its greatest value is in applying it first to yourself, to your outcomes. A natural result of this practice is a personal integration, an inner clarity, that finds expression in a deeper, more fulfilling life, and a profound understanding of and respect for the ecology of every system, family, social, group, business that we find ourselves in.
  • NLP works best when shared with others for the benefit of all . A part of the NLP Comprehensive's mission has always been that those we work with and train go on to affect the world in positive, useful ways. Steve and Connirae did this with an openhandedness and generosity of spirit, willing to share what they learned and developed while acknowledging those who created the technology. That is also why in the early 80s the company started producing audio and video programs in order to share this wonderful knowledge with even greater numbers. NLP Comprehensive has produced over 160 titles. In conjunction with Nightingale Conant in 1990 NLP Comprehensive published the best-selling "NLP: The New Technology of Achievement" series. As a result, publishing is now a main direction of the business, along with the world renowned "Summer Intensive Trainings" conducted annually at Winter Park , Colorado .

NLP is still in its infancy. Like many of the masters involved in the field, Steve and Connirae shared the belief that we have just begun to discover the usefulness of NLP. There are still many solutions to various human dilemmas to which NLP has yet to be applied. Today, Tom Dotz, NLP Comprehensive's President maintains the commitment to furthering the development of new NLP models as well as venturing into new communities and applications. What is of greatest importance to us, and to you, is that we are committed to providing you with the highest quality possible.