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Heart Of The Mind
Price: $16.50
Core Transformation
Price: $16.50
Six-Step Reframing
Price: $39.00
An all time favorite, Heart of the Mind is an engaging series of stories applying NLP in real life. There are 21 stories in all, each a living example of NLP in action. The book follows the accounts of various people whose lives have been changed and dreams turned to reality by using their own inner power to change with NLP. Even though this book is written as an introduction (with most chapters completely free of jargon), it elegantly eases the reader into a great deal of depth.
Every reader is certain to find many topics of personal relevance. The authors include clear explanations of how each
Core Transformation will take you on a healing inner-journey to the depths of your being.  In this book, you are presented an easy-to-follow, ten-step process for transforming unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors by actually embracing them.  Many report, that afterwards they tend to experience a greater sense of self, and enhanced ability to understand and be more compassionate toward other people.
Six-Step Reframing DVD Part of me wants to do this, but another part is not sure. Connirae Andreas uses the famous "Six Step Reframing" process to show you how to resolve issues like this.
Recorded during a Master Practitioner Course, Steve Andreas presents two demonstrations of the compulsion "blowout" process. Steve discusses ecology, how to determine the criteria for using the process, along with the "ratchet" method for shifting submodalities; thus creating a change in a person's internal representations allowing for the elimination of compulsive responses. Learn about the nine necessary components for effective weight loss and maintenance. Rich with subtle weight loss interventions, the first part includes an exquisite demonstration of how to build a compelling blueprint for the future. The second disc in this set includes a detailed commentary on the processes used by Cameron-Bandler. A 63-page transcript accompanies either or both DVDs. 722 & 723D - DVD-R, 90 Minutes