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NLP Aligning Perceptual Positions Bang Bang Process Blended Families DVD
Bang Bang Process
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Price: $39.00
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Aligning Perceptual Positions - What do you really want? How do you really feel? Are your answers colored by what someone else wants or feels? Connirae Andreas
This special process was developed by Kevin Creedon for those suffering from challenges to their immune system, such as HIV or cancer, when "you can't afford the luxury of a negative thought."
Protecting yourself, your family, friends and clients from the impact of thought viruses is the special gift of this remarkable process, the "Bang Bang Strategy"
Virginia Satir leads a series of "tableaus" (or guided skits) to illustrate the dynamics of stepfamilies or adoptive families. She shows how to strengthen relationships by determining what you want and who needs to know your desires, speaking what is true for you, saying "yes" or "no" clearly and without blame, and coming from a sense of self-worth. 725D - DVD-R, 49 Minutes
Building Self Concept Changing Beliefs Changing Timelines
Changing Beliefs
Price: $39.00
Changing Timelines
Price: $39.00
In this video, Steve shows us how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim; loud/quiet; hard/soft) to strengthen self-concept. Steve's client Peter learns to think of himself as loveable; and through follow-up interviews, you'll hear how this change has affected Peter and his wife. To get maximum benefit from this tape, you'll need prior NLP experience.
Connirae & Steve Andreas demonstrate how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft) to help people modify limiting beliefs.
Timelines (the way people "code" time) are one of the more easily understood models in NLP. Useful for problem solving, the model is also very useful in setting goals and creating the motivation to achieve those goals. Timelines can provide answers to many situations including being preoccupied with the past or unable to remember the past, repeating past mistakes, or feeling depressed. Connirae will demonstrate how to modify timelines to help people achieve the results they want in life. 710D - DVD-R, 77 Minutes
NLP Core Transformation Divorced Parents & Children DVD Eliminating A Compulsion - DVD
A Full Demonstration of the Process with Connirae Andreas, Co-Developer
See an example of the Core Transformation Process in action as Connirae Andreas resolves a profound issue, writer's block.
Satir guides actual parents and children in a skit to model clear and loving family communications. She also uses this guided skit format to demonstrate how our own childhood issues shape our communications as parents. Recorded during a Master Practitioner Course, Steve Andreas presents two demonstrations of the compulsion "blowout" process. Steve discusses ecology, how to determine the criteria for using the process, along with the "ratchet" method for shifting submodalities; thus creating a change in a person's internal representations allowing for the elimination of compulsive responses.
Eliminating Allergies Endings & Beginnings DVD Family Relations
Family Relations
Price: $39.00
Our body needs to have allergic reactions to toxins such as noxious fumes; these reactions prompt us to move from harm's way. Many of us, however, have allergic responses to things that are not toxins - such as animal dander or chocolate. Essentially, the brain has made an error, and it's possible to help the brain see and correct that error. Virginia helps a young divorced woman come to terms with the ending of her marital relationship so that she can begin new friendships. Satir also uses her legendary tableau (guided skit) format to demonstrate the importance of honestly expressing feelings.
"Family Relations" Virginia Satir
Virginia demonstrates powerful processes including:
Embracing your self-worth. Giving space to others. Expressing your feelings.
Forgiving Parents Lasting Feelings, Part I & II DVD nlp Logical Level Alignment
Forgiving Parents
Price: $39.00
Forgiving Parents DVD Virginia counsels Linda, a woman who holds anger and resentment toward her mother (feels her mother is too critical). Virginia Satir
Most of us, at times, experience feelings we would prefer not to have. Watch and listen as Leslie guides a client through NLP processes that help her deal with feelings of jealousy, establish a sense of self-worth, and build confidence in her ability to sustain relationships. The second tape in the set includes a detailed commentary on the client session so that you can learn more about the processes used by Leslie. A 44-page transcript accompanies the tapes. 720D & 721D - DVD-R, 70 Minutes Each One of the most popular and pervasive models in NLP: Logical Level Alignment on DVD! "We sort and store information on several different "logical levels": Environment (the room is warm); Behavior (I am yawning); Capabilities (I can stay awake); Beliefs (falling asleep is rude); Identity (I am good if I stay awake); and in some contexts, Spirit. Each level influences the ones below it. " Robert Dilts
Making Futures Real:  Requisite Change For Weight Loss And Maintenance, Part I & II Parental Timeline Reimprinting DVD NLP Positive Parenting I & II
Learn about the nine necessary components for effective weight loss and maintenance. Rich with subtle weight loss interventions, the first part includes an exquisite demonstration of how to build a compelling blueprint for the future. The second disc in this set includes a detailed commentary on the processes used by Cameron-Bandler. A 63-page transcript accompanies either or both DVDs. 722 & 723D - DVD-R, 90 Minutes Parental Timeline Reimprinting is included in most Core Transformation seminars and is a powerful method for using our Core States to heal our past, even in very troubled circumstances; making it a wonderful compliment to use with the Core Transformation process. Connirae Andreas shows you ideas and attitudes that make parenting easier, in contrast to the all-to-common assumptions that make parenting needlessly difficult.  Discover how to create and maintain a more loving, nurturing environment for your children.  Learn simple ways to solve problems, redirect your child in a positive fashion, resolve conflict between siblings, and much more! 
Resolving Grief Resolving Shame Self-Worth
Resolving Grief
Price: $39.00
Resolving Shame
Price: $39.00
Price: $39.00
Personal loss can be a positive resource. Connirae will show you how as she works with a man who recently faced the death of his infant son. She demonstrates atechnique you can use with job, relationship, or any other type of loss. Note: Viewers need prior NLP experience to benefit from this tape. 716D - DVD-R 57 Minutes Most experts acknowledge shame as a root cause of many difficulties - including alcoholism, drug abuse, and codependence. Steve Andres examines the structure of shame, then demonstrates a rapid method for resolving shame and regaining a sense of self-esteem. Note: Viewers need prior NLP experience to benefit from this tape. Virginia leads a "tableau" (guided skit) to illustrate the importance of various child-rearing concepts. The skit looks at a family from the birth of the first child to that child's marriage and addresses such topics as conformity, honesty, limits, valuing uniqueness, and more. 730D - DVD-R, 66 Minutes
Six-Step Reframing The Fast Phobia/Trauma Cure The Identity Process: A Demonstration W/Diane
Six-Step Reframing
Price: $39.00
Six-Step Reframing DVD Part of me wants to do this, but another part is not sure. Connirae Andreas uses the famous "Six Step Reframing" process to show you how to resolve issues like this. In seven minutes, Steve helps a client eliminate an intense, 20-year phobia of bees. One year later, Steve tests this therapeutic intervention by bringing a bottle of bees into her house and letting a few of them loose. The technique works for more pervasive phobias/traumas, too. This video includes a follow-up interview with a Vietnam War veteran who overcame post-traumatic stress syndrome and a phobia of Asian people in one session with Connirae. 713D - DVD-R, 42 Minutes A "core state" is a state of being. It is not something you do or achieve (success). It's not something you get from others (appreciation) or even yourself (self-appreciation). It is not something you know (wisdom). And it is not a specific emotion. In a somewhat complex demonstration, Connirae Andreas shows how to access your core state. Graphics and commentary help you follow along.
The Swish Pattern NLP The T.O.T.E. Utilization Process The Walt Disney Creativity Strategy DVD
The Swish Pattern
Price: $39.00
The Swish Pattern is a rapid, effective intervention for modifying habits and feelings. Steve helps one client eliminate a nailbiting habit. A second Swish demonstration features a woman who felt rage when her daughter used a certain tone of voice. Connirae assists her in adopting a new, more appropriate responseto her daughter's communications. Since no one listens, why ask for anything? Robert Dilts assists a young man who holds this belief to adopt a healthier mindset. Using the "TOTE" process, Dilts facilitates the belief change and shows how to test whether the change is complete. Connirae Andreas introduces this demonstration and concludes with a follow-up interview. For many people, criticism is the biggest obstacle to creative thinking. Through studying his strategies, Robert Dilts found that Disney circumvented this difficulty by sequencing his creative process into three functional stages: "Dreamer, Realist, and Critic." On this DVD you'll see Dilts use the Disney strategy to help a man who previously had given up his dreams. Connirae Andreas offers an introduction to Dilts' demonstrations as well as a follow-up interview.