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NLP DVD Central wide selection of solutions in video now featuring leading NLP Developers including Steve and Connirae Andreas, Tom Best, Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner, David Gordon, and more.
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NLP A Strategy For Responding To Criticism NLP Core Transformation Lasting Feelings, Part I & II DVD
A Strategy for Responding To Criticism DVD 40 minutes Learn how to take feedback comfortably without blowing your stack or feeling bad. Steve Andreas
A Full Demonstration of the Process with Connirae Andreas, Co-Developer
See an example of the Core Transformation Process in action as Connirae Andreas resolves a profound issue, writer's block.
Most of us, at times, experience feelings we would prefer not to have. Watch and listen as Leslie guides a client through NLP processes that help her deal with feelings of jealousy, establish a sense of self-worth, and build confidence in her ability to sustain relationships. The second tape in the set includes a detailed commentary on the client session so that you can learn more about the processes used by Leslie. A 44-page transcript accompanies the tapes. 720D & 721D - DVD-R, 70 Minutes Each
NLP Mastery Combo Bundle NLP Positive Parenting I & II Resolving Shame
NLP Mastery Combo Bundle
List Price: $3,490.00
Price: $2,990.00
You save $500.00!
Resolving Shame
Price: $39.00
Both the Portable Practitioner and Portable Master Practitioner on DVD at a Huge $500 discount!
Individually $1,995 + $1,495 = $3,490
Together: $2,990!
Connirae Andreas shows you ideas and attitudes that make parenting easier, in contrast to the all-to-common assumptions that make parenting needlessly difficult.  Discover how to create and maintain a more loving, nurturing environment for your children.  Learn simple ways to solve problems, redirect your child in a positive fashion, resolve conflict between siblings, and much more!  Most experts acknowledge shame as a root cause of many difficulties - including alcoholism, drug abuse, and codependence. Steve Andres examines the structure of shame, then demonstrates a rapid method for resolving shame and regaining a sense of self-esteem. Note: Viewers need prior NLP experience to benefit from this tape.
Six-Step Reframing NLP The T.O.T.E. Utilization Process
Six-Step Reframing
Price: $39.00
Six-Step Reframing DVD Part of me wants to do this, but another part is not sure. Connirae Andreas uses the famous "Six Step Reframing" process to show you how to resolve issues like this. Since no one listens, why ask for anything? Robert Dilts assists a young man who holds this belief to adopt a healthier mindset. Using the "TOTE" process, Dilts facilitates the belief change and shows how to test whether the change is complete. Connirae Andreas introduces this demonstration and concludes with a follow-up interview.