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The Walt Disney Creativity Strategy DVD
The Walt Disney Creativity Strategy DVD
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Author: Robert Dilts

Product Code: 708D

This is an enormously useful process for almost any choice, decision, or plan you are considering.  One of the most popular and widely used, you can benefit tremendously even if you have no NLP experience at all.  You'll want to make it part of "how you think" in every area of your life for better choices and more satisfying decisions. 

Robert modeled this process from Walt Disney's strategy for producing movies, tv shows, amusement parks and other projects.

It's simplicity belies its power.  On this video Robert will personally guide you through the subtleties and nuances of the process so that you get the greatest benefit for yourself from the very beginning. 

Rehearsing the process three of four times with Robert's tutelage will start to make it a natural part of how you think.  You'll find this wonderfully useful not only with work issues like"should I take this job" to "shall I take on this project" you'll also find it fun to explore with your family on topics like where to go on holiday.

For many people, criticism is the biggest obstacle to creative thinking. Through studying his strategies, Robert Dilts found that Disney circumvented this difficulty by sequencing his creative process into three functional stages: "Dreamer, Realist, and Critic." Watch Dilts use the Disney strategy to help a man who previously had given up his dreams. Connirae Andreas offers an introduction to Dilts' demonstrations as well as a follow-up interview.
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Sample Version 1:

The Walt Disney Creativity StrategyFor many people, the biggest obstacle to creative, original thinking is
criticism. Robert Dilts modeled the strategy of Walt Disney, to find out
how this creative genius solved this problem. He found that Disney
sequenced his creative process into three functional stages: “Dreamer,”
“Realist” and “Critic,” and carefully sorted these three functions into
different rooms. On this DVD you will see how this combination of
sequencing and spatial sorting fosters creative thinking. (41 minutes in

1. From Meta Position select three physical locations and label them
(1) “Dreamer” (2) “Realist” (3) “Critic.”
2. Anchor the appropriate strategy to each physical location:
a. Think of a time you were able to creatively dream up or fantasize
new ideas without any inhibitions; step into location (1) and relive
the experience.
b. Identity a time you were able to think very realistically and devise
a specific plan to put an idea effectively into action; step into
position (2) and relive that experience.
c. Think of a time you were able to constructively criticize a
plan—that is, to offer positive and constructive criticism as well as to
find problems. Make sure the location is far enough away from the
others that it doesn’t interfere. Step into location (3) and relive
that experience.
3. Pick an outcome you want to achieve and step into the “Dreamer”
location. Visualize yourself accomplishing this goal as if you were a
character in a movie. See the process as if it were a “storyboard” (a
sequence of images). Allow yourself to think about it in a free and
uninhibited manner (Access). If you have any difficulty picturing
yourself being successful, try one of the following options to help you.
a. Remember a similar successful outcome from your personal history.
b. Chunk the sequence you are using to get the outcome into smaller
c. Find a metaphor or analogy for the outcome that can help you think
4. Step into the “Realist” location and check the plan you have
“dreamed” up. Notice what you would need to change in order to fit a
realistic sequence, etc. (Organize).
5. Step into the “Critic” position and find out if anything is missing or
needed (Evaluate).
6. Step back into the “Dreamer” position to creatively change the plan
to incorporate the information gathered from the “Realist” and the
7. Continue to cycle through steps 4, 5, and 6 until your plan congruently
fits each position.

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