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A specialist in therapeutic models/techniques for correcting relationship problems and sexual dysfunction, Leslie presents basic NLP skills that you can use to establish anenriching, fulfilling couple relationship with mutually-satisfying sexual expression. You'll learn how people fall in (and out of) love. And you'll experiment with the eye-opening Relationship Evaluator.
Whether you prefer to learn through your auditory channel, or simply want this program as a compliment to the book to layer your learning; you'll get all of the same information from this bestselling book of the same title delivered by the authors themselves - NLP Comprehensive's Training Team. 

Some of the world's top NLP trainers define NLP and provide an extensive program for realizing for yourself the benefits of NLP.  You'll learn strategies for:
Successful Parenting Audio Seminar Series You'll discover how knowing these simple methods can make parenting so much easier and more rewarding. Learn methods for dealing with the "terrible twos," methods to help build your child's self-esteem, how to build cooperation for an easy daily routine, methods for negotiating and resolving conflict, and more. Hear stories and examples, plus Connirae's answers to questions from parents.
NLP Aligning Perceptual Positions
Many people never express their potential because their emotions keep them from taking actions or risks. (Examples: A lonely woman wants to connect with other people but lets shyness prevent interaction. A worker steers clear of professional challenges to avoid feelings of inadequacy.)
This book, the foundation of Leslie Cameron-Bandler's Imperative Self Therapy, examines how emotions can lead to behaviors that don't support our well-being. It shows how we can take charge of selecting, expressing, andusing emotions. Each chapter contains tips/techniques you can use to make an immediate difference in your life.
Aligning Perceptual Positions - What do you really want? How do you really feel? Are your answers colored by what someone else wants or feels? Connirae Andreas
Discover what your identity is made of, how it functions, and how to use this knowledge to change how you think of yourself.

Easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are — and the experience of others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others’ views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback.
Recreating Yourself
Price: $69.95
Decision Destroyer
Price: $24.95
In this unique audio seminar, Charles Faulkner demonstrates how all ideas start as intuitions. You'll examine how people actually listen to their intuition; how to use emotions to encourage rather than block intuition; and how to sort out false intuitions from real ones. Charles teaches the intuition methods of several great inventors, discoverers and decision-makers. You'll get to contrast the limits of logic with the possibilities of intuition!
In this powerful audio program you'll discover how your beliefs or generalizations about others or their surroundings are powerful enablers - or disablers - of you behaviors and accomplishments, and how the beliefs you hold about yourself shape (for good or ill) you life.

You'll find easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises that provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are — and the experience of others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others’ views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback.

The "Decision Destroyer" is recognized as one of the more impactful sumbodalities patterns, enabling you to accomplish reimprinting more rapidly and more thoroughly.
This program teaches you how to create robust personally-compelling resources and put them into your personal history before you needed them. When these resources are brought forward through time, all of the problem-related experiences are suddenly re-evaluated in a useful, even positive way. Regarded as powerful and transformative, the Decision Destroyer takes reimprinting to a new dimension.
Healing Meditations
Price: $29.95
Gain specific methods for resolving life issues, coping with day-to-day stresses, improving relationships, changing unwanted feelings, and overcoming limitations that keep you from getting what you want. This advanced set covers the following NLP topics: Aligning Perceptual Positions, the five core outcomes, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, Core Transformation¨, and the NLP Eye Movement Integrator. 523C - 8 CD's
PLUS a 14 Page Booklet in pdf that downloads to you once your order is confirmed!
This CD set presents a very effective process for dealing with anger and resentment - and reaching a state of forgiveness. (Note: In this live recording, the group comments and demonstration subject are barely audible. However, Steve's clear, step-by-step presentation and the enclosed written outline make up for the deficiencies in the sound.)
Healing Meditations CD Nourish your spirit and your being. Join Dr. Andreas as she guides you through five life-affirming meditations. Connirae Andreas
NLP Positive Parenting I & II
Connirae Andreas shows you ideas and attitudes that make parenting easier, in contrast to the all-to-common assumptions that make parenting needlessly difficult.  Discover how to create and maintain a more loving, nurturing environment for your children.  Learn simple ways to solve problems, redirect your child in a positive fashion, resolve conflict between siblings, and much more!  In this video, Steve shows us how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim; loud/quiet; hard/soft) to strengthen self-concept. Steve's client Peter learns to think of himself as loveable; and through follow-up interviews, you'll hear how this change has affected Peter and his wife. To get maximum benefit from this tape, you'll need prior NLP experience. Parental Timeline Reimprinting is included in most Core Transformation seminars and is a powerful method for using our Core States to heal our past, even in very troubled circumstances; making it a wonderful compliment to use with the Core Transformation process.
Changing Timelines
Price: $39.00
Changing Beliefs
Price: $39.00
How did Virginia Satir, beloved family therapy pioneer & one of the greatest therapists of our time, help so many people solve their relationship struggles?

The first section of the book describes 16 key themes and systematic patterns in Satir’s work. The second section is a richly annotated verbatim transcript of a videotaped session showing exactly how these patterns were manifested in her behavior.

Timelines (the way people "code" time) are one of the more easily understood models in NLP. Useful for problem solving, the model is also very useful in setting goals and creating the motivation to achieve those goals. Timelines can provide answers to many situations including being preoccupied with the past or unable to remember the past, repeating past mistakes, or feeling depressed. Connirae will demonstrate how to modify timelines to help people achieve the results they want in life. 710D - DVD-R, 77 Minutes
Connirae & Steve Andreas demonstrate how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft) to help people modify limiting beliefs.
Most of us, at times, experience feelings we would prefer not to have. Watch and listen as Leslie guides a client through NLP processes that help her deal with feelings of jealousy, establish a sense of self-worth, and build confidence in her ability to sustain relationships. The second tape in the set includes a detailed commentary on the client session so that you can learn more about the processes used by Leslie. A 44-page transcript accompanies the tapes. 720D & 721D - DVD-R, 70 Minutes Each
Using "role plays" as a therapeutic tool, Virginia Satir contrasts effective and ineffective communication styles, demonstrates how to change viewpoints and perceptions, and illustrates how to get beyond old roles and personal history.
Close your eyes, picture a pleasant future event in your own life, and notice how the picture makes you feel. Now, brighten the picture and notice how your feelings change. Most people respond more strongly to a brighter picture. Expand your use of "submodalities" - such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft - to achieve greater understanding of others' thought processes. You can also employ submodalities to create personal change and to assist others in achieving change. Experience Richard's witty style while learning a variety of techniques for shifting unwanted states into desired results.
Virginia Satir leads a series of "tableaus" (or guided skits) to illustrate the dynamics of stepfamilies or adoptive families. She shows how to strengthen relationships by determining what you want and who needs to know your desires, speaking what is true for you, saying "yes" or "no" clearly and without blame, and coming from a sense of self-worth. 725D - DVD-R, 49 Minutes Satir guides actual parents and children in a skit to model clear and loving family communications. She also uses this guided skit format to demonstrate how our own childhood issues shape our communications as parents. Virginia helps a young divorced woman come to terms with the ending of her marital relationship so that she can begin new friendships. Satir also uses her legendary tableau (guided skit) format to demonstrate the importance of honestly expressing feelings.
Family Relations
Price: $39.00
Forgiving Parents
Price: $39.00
Price: $39.00
"Family Relations" Virginia Satir
Virginia demonstrates powerful processes including:
Embracing your self-worth. Giving space to others. Expressing your feelings.
Forgiving Parents DVD Virginia counsels Linda, a woman who holds anger and resentment toward her mother (feels her mother is too critical). Virginia Satir
Virginia leads a "tableau" (guided skit) to illustrate the importance of various child-rearing concepts. The skit looks at a family from the birth of the first child to that child's marriage and addresses such topics as conformity, honesty, limits, valuing uniqueness, and more. 730D - DVD-R, 66 Minutes
The Emprint Method
Price: $16.50
Know How
Price: $16.50
One NLP tenet is: "If one person can do something, it can be modelled and taught to anyother person." This textbook teaches an accelerated skill acquisition process - the EMPRINT Method. It shows how an individual's behavior is a "manifestation of internal processes" and how each person's language provides the clues to understanding these internal processes. Once we know another person's internal process, we can change our own thinking to incorporate those items that will help us succeed in acquiring the skills we want. This book will guide you in going after what you want. You'll learn the formats - the thinking processes, perceptions, and behaviors - that naturally lead to success and fulfillment in several of life's most challenging and potentially rewarding areas. Special chapters address eating, exercise, loving, parenting, and more.
Many people think of NLP as brainwashing, manipulation or processes. And sure. Just like anything else, it can be used for all of these things.

However, that is not what NLP truly is.

NLP was originally designed to be the study of excellence. A way of modeling people and learning what they do so it can be replicated. And like many things, over the years popular understanding of NLP has changed and morphed into something more commercially viable. Something a little more palatable and more easily charged for.

But again, that is not how it started.

I believe, like anything else, to be really good at something you must learn the foundations before you can learn the advanced pieces. I liken this to building a house, although you can use any analogy you like.

The foundations of NLP lie in the presuppositions, a set of understandings and beliefs that are necessary for true change to take place. Without a true understanding of these, and an acceptance to approach things as if they are true, genuine learning and living of NLP cannot take place.

This is what I call the foundations. Just like a house, without a foundation nothing else will withstand the weather. Learning the basic pieces of NLP will allow you to accomplish more in less time with stronger effects!

In this 6 week course we will explore the foundations of NLP, learn and practice the base presuppositions that all of NLP is founded on, and begin to make the changes that will not only improve our relationships with others, but will change our entire experience of the world.

As we get more comfortable with the presuppositions of NLP we will also explore some skills and strategies to use when dealing with others. Learn how to break a negative state, check to make sure someone is feeling in congruence with their inner self, and learn how to create a strong goal that you will feel pulled toward achieving.

This will be one of the most transformational courses you will ever take, and I can’t wait to go on the journey with you.

The next class is starting on Tuesday, December 1. We will meet by phone every Tuesday night at 6pm Pacific for 6 weeks. The calls will be recorded and emailed to everyone registered in case you cannot be there. A certificate will be available at the end of the course. Register now as class size is limited.