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Recreating Yourself
Recreating Yourself
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Author: Steve Andreas
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ReCreating Yourself
by Steve Andreas

In this powerful audio program you'll discover how your beliefs or generalizations about others or their surroundings are powerful enablers - or disablers - of you behaviors and accomplishments, and how the beliefs you hold about yourself shape (for good or ill) you life.

This audio seminar is the program on which the book "Transforming Yourself" is based.  In both of these you'll discover what your identity is made of, how it functions, and how to use this knowledge to change how you think of yourself.

You'll find easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises that provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are — and the experience of others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others’ views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback.

"Steve Andreas’ Transforming Your Self is not only a must read, it is a must do book. So much of self help these days enumerates the habits and abilities that you need to be successful. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell you how you can acquire those traits in a way that matches who you are. By doing the step by step instructions in Steve’s book you can build a self-concept that can have you performing the way you always wanted to.

"I know because I lost 70 pounds in 6 months by creating a self concept of 'I am a healthy eater.' Using Steve’s process I was able to:

    * Identify all the times when I was a healthy eater. I wasn’t as bad as I had thought.
    * Establish the deep motivation, not just will power, to be even more of a healthy eater, regardless of what was going on in my life.
    * Redirect all the habits and beliefs that prevented me from consistently being a healthy eater.

"I have kept the weight off for over 5 years, and I have no fear of it ever coming back.This book presents simple and practical methods for discovering the content and structure of your self-concept, and how to strengthen it and change it to make it more durable, yet more responsive to the corrective feedback that keeps it accurate.

Methods for utilizing and transforming mistakes are followed by processes for positively transforming uncertain or unwanted aspects of yourself, as well as transforming aspects that are negated. Processes for discovering and changing your unconscious boundaries so that they protect you from others' opinions, beliefs, and intrusions, are followed by ways to adjust your boundaries so that you can connect with others in shared intimacy, while retaining a secure sense of yourself.

5 CD's
PLUS a 13 Page Booklet in pdf that downloads to you once your order is confirmed!

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