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If you change the frame in which a person perceives events, you can change the meaning of those events. And when the meaning changes, the person's responses and behaviors also change. For example, Rudolf-the-Reindeer's red nose looked really funny and was subject to ridicule, but his nose became a heroic symbol when he used it to guide Santa's sleigh throughthe fog. Bandler and Grinder demonstrate how you can use this "reframing" concept to turn problem behaviors into valuable resources - and conflict situations into platforms for agreement. A must-read for counseling professionals and organizational change consultants. Close your eyes, picture a pleasant future event in your own life, and notice how the picture makes you feel. Now, brighten the picture and notice how your feelings change. Most people respond more strongly to a brighter picture. Expand your use of "submodalities" - such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft - to achieve greater understanding of others' thought processes. You can also employ submodalities to create personal change and to assist others in achieving change. Experience Richard's witty style while learning a variety of techniques for shifting unwanted states into desired results.