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NLP: New Technology Of Achievement
NLP Book - NLP: New Technology Of Achievement by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner | Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Price: $15.95
Author: NLP Comprehensive Training Team

Product Code: 044B

Created by the NLP Comprehensive Training Team of Steve Andreas, Charles Faulkner, Kelley Gerling, Gerry Schmidt, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, and Robert McDonald to give you a multi-perspective approach to applying NLP in your life now. Frequently hailed as the most comprehensive introductory NLP title available it's been a best seller since its introduction.
Best ordered as the "Get Started Now" Bonus pack - the book and three CD's for only $19.95 Available HERE
NLP: New Tech CD

  • New Technology of Achievement  Amazon's #1 NLP book.  $15.95              

  • Introducing NLP By Connirae Andreas  CD  $19.95                                                        

  • Total   $35.90          Your Price:  $19.53

NLP has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve greater success.  Now the NLP Comprehensive Training Team has written a book that reveals how to use this breakthrough technology to achieve whatever you want.  NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development.  In NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, you'll be guided step-by-step through specific programs for learning the characteristics of top achievers and creating a blueprint for your own ultimate succes. 

From readers around the world:
  • "As close as you'll come to NLP in a book!"
  • "A complete course on NLP from real experts!"
  • "Entirely practical - loaded with 43 different exercises / experiments you can do to improve different aspects of your life."
  • "Includes a primer to bring you up to speed on what NLP is, [and] explains some of the more advanced techniques and methods of 'programming'."
  • "This is one of the most comprehensive books about NLP that I have read.  Not only does it introduce you to what NLP is, it also guides you through some exercises that can absolutely change your mind about what is important to you, what your vision is, and what you want to pursue in life.  In short, [it's not that] this book may change your life, it will change your life - how much is up to you."
  • "The exercise on disc 2 worked like a miracle for me.  It seems silly.  I think that is why it works so well. The brain likes it. Brain candy that is good for you!!!!!!!"
          Note: This same title is available on CD here
"NLP has always been based on what works - as established by timeless trial and error - rather than chasing the latest theory. That is what I liked about this book. It distilled the applications away from the fluff and theory. I've learned in 3 hours of reading enough methodology to give me the edge in the collective bargaining agreements I frequently facilitate."
  • "I was totally new to this subject and found the CD to be a great way to learn and try the different proposed techniques. They have in deed helped me and I use them almost everyday. NLP is a powerful way to associate/focus on what I want and disassociate/liberate from what I don't want. I really like it."
  • "I listened to the CD over two days and I was able to stop one behavior completely after listening to the first side with just one technique. Since that time the behavior no longer has any power over me.  I highly recommend this CD and I can't wait to get the entire book."
  • "If you were to buy only one book on NLP then NLP: The New Technology of Achievement should be that one book. The book includes a 21 day Unlimited Achievement program. Although edited by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner, this program features the NLP Comprehensive team of Faulkner, Kelley Gerling, Gerry Schmidt, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, and Robert McDonald.  You will learn what NLP is and why it is so effective in getting results quickly. You will learn how to get motivated. You will learn a accelerated process to uncover your mission and you will learn a 4 step goal achievement process to achieve your goals. You will learn how to build more satisfying, rewarding relationships and how to develop powerful persuasion strategies."
  • "Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith show you how to overcome fears and phobias in minutes and build self confidence. Robert McDonald shares a special NLP skill to create self esteem while Charles Faulkner shows you how to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude with special NLP techniques and how to build pervasive attitudes and create new possibilities that are the keys to peak performance. This book is excellent and will help you achieve allof your goals."
Perennially #1 on Amazon, this is one of the most highly reviewed NLP books ever published!
Considered a very experiential introduction to what NLP can do for you, learn techniques for motivating yourself and others, as well as maintaining a positive mental attitude, changing unwanted behaviors, and so much more, concluding with the famous "NLP 21-Day Unlimited Achievement Program!"
Best ordered as the "Get Started Now" Bonus pack - the book and three CD's for only $19.95 Available HERE

#044B    "NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement" paperback 354pp
Author: Edited by Steve Andreas & Charles Faulkner (developed by the NLP Comprehensie Training Team)

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