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The Allergy Process Healing Meditations Changing Beliefs
The Allergy Process
Price: $24.95
Healing Meditations
Price: $29.95
Changing Beliefs
Price: $39.00
The Allergy Process CD An allergy is simple a mistake of the immune system. Your immune system learned to have a response to a certain substance at one time and continues to have that response even though the response no longer serves you. Tim Hallbom & Suzi Smith show you how to change this for yourself, right now!
Healing Meditations CD Nourish your spirit and your being. Join Dr. Andreas as she guides you through five life-affirming meditations. Connirae Andreas
Connirae & Steve Andreas demonstrate how to use submodalities (sensory distinctions such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft) to help people modify limiting beliefs.
Eliminating Allergies The Fast Phobia/Trauma Cure Bang Bang Process
Bang Bang Process
List Price: $49.00
Price: $39.00
You save $10.00!
Our body needs to have allergic reactions to toxins such as noxious fumes; these reactions prompt us to move from harm's way. Many of us, however, have allergic responses to things that are not toxins - such as animal dander or chocolate. Essentially, the brain has made an error, and it's possible to help the brain see and correct that error. In seven minutes, Steve helps a client eliminate an intense, 20-year phobia of bees. One year later, Steve tests this therapeutic intervention by bringing a bottle of bees into her house and letting a few of them loose. The technique works for more pervasive phobias/traumas, too. This video includes a follow-up interview with a Vietnam War veteran who overcame post-traumatic stress syndrome and a phobia of Asian people in one session with Connirae. 713D - DVD-R, 42 Minutes
This special process was developed by Kevin Creedon for those suffering from challenges to their immune system, such as HIV or cancer, when "you can't afford the luxury of a negative thought."
Protecting yourself, your family, friends and clients from the impact of thought viruses is the special gift of this remarkable process, the "Bang Bang Strategy"
Eliminating A Compulsion - DVD
Recorded during a Master Practitioner Course, Steve Andreas presents two demonstrations of the compulsion "blowout" process. Steve discusses ecology, how to determine the criteria for using the process, along with the "ratchet" method for shifting submodalities; thus creating a change in a person's internal representations allowing for the elimination of compulsive responses.