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The NLP Fundamentals Home Study Guide - Your Jump Start Program
NLP Training NLP Fundamentals
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Author: Leslie Cameron, David Gordon, and Michael LeBeau.
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Enjoy the benefits of NLP now with our Exclusive Fast Start Program!

Our Exclusive Fundamentals of Personal Evolution program puts the power of NLP in your life NOW.

Have you ever wondered “What are the first steps to a lifetime that is continually improving?”

Carefully designed for you by three NLP experts, this program is the answer to that question. It puts the basic elements of personal development into ten easy-to-follow steps. Taken together they give you a journeyman's toolbox of resources for the slings and arrows of daily life. If this was all you ever did for yourself, you'd be ahead of 99% of the people around you.

"Misunderstandings, Conflicts, Indecision, Anxiety, Being Stuck" are just a few words for the common issues life confronts us with everyday. They waste time and energy and distract us. We've all come up with ways of dealing with them, and the ways we have work some, or maybe even most of the time. But imagine finding ways to deal with these issues before they come up!

Here you'll get a system that gives you consistently reliable ways and means to resolve these kinds of glitches reliably and repeatedly. You'll get deeper understanding of yourself and others. You'll be far better able to maintain your cool when challenged, and think of the right words and the best response right then, instead of an hour or two later.

In this Personal Evolution program on DVD and manual (or online-see below) you get these Top Ten NLP Processes:

*Improving your communication: With yourself and others

*Finding and Knowing What Your Dreams and Desires Really mean to you, and how better to have them.

*Getting Grounded, Getting Real: know how and when people really mean what they are saying. Sorting out what is really important to you from the "shoulds" imposed on you without your awareness or choice.

*Reading REAL body language. Hint: it's NOT "arms crossed means X" That just breeds hallucinations which results in misunderstanding, confusion, lost opportunity.

*Language that reveals - you, and the other guy. Sensory based language reveals how you do your thinking. The way you sequence (order) your experience. Did you know that just by changing that order, you can change your experience - your feelings, attitude, and confidence.

*The eyes have it: Another way to tell - the (in)famous 'eye accessing cues'. If not window to the soul, the eyes are, at least, a window to the mind. Here's how to use them correctly, instead of the mass misconceptions you'll find all over the internet (hint: using for lie detection is totally bogus).

*An old song triggers a memory, a feeling, maybe a feeling about the feeling. Suddenly your mood and even your self image changes. How about setting up 'anchors' that are strong enough to resist that random interference, the "noise" on some random playlist someone else may have chosen?

*Establishing Lasting Resource Strategies: Ways to stop feeling overwhelmed, or intimidated or unsure, and instead have the responses you want at your command.

*Creating Good Habits: Your Hi-Efficiency lazy man's way to self improvement. Everyone talks about eliminating bad habits. First, it's hard to tell when you really have stopped. People have stopped a habit for twenty years, then found themselves doing it again. It's easier and more fun to replace them with more and better ones. It makes an immediate difference you can see and feel and congratulate yourself for having.

*Good Decisions, Good choices, and Reframing: Your Go-To solution for conflict, indecision, and chronic frustration.

These Ten Powerful interventions have been selected, arranged and organized for you by three top NLP experts, original developers of NLP Leslie Cameron (Bandler), David Gordon, and Master Developer Michael LeBeau.

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