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Blended Families DVD Divorced Parents & Children DVD Family Relations
Family Relations
Price: $39.00
Virginia Satir leads a series of "tableaus" (or guided skits) to illustrate the dynamics of stepfamilies or adoptive families. She shows how to strengthen relationships by determining what you want and who needs to know your desires, speaking what is true for you, saying "yes" or "no" clearly and without blame, and coming from a sense of self-worth. 725D - DVD-R, 49 Minutes Satir guides actual parents and children in a skit to model clear and loving family communications. She also uses this guided skit format to demonstrate how our own childhood issues shape our communications as parents.
"Family Relations" Virginia Satir
Virginia demonstrates powerful processes including:
Embracing your self-worth. Giving space to others. Expressing your feelings.
Forgiving Parents Stay Sane During the Holiday Season Successful Parenting
Forgiving Parents
Price: $39.00
Forgiving Parents DVD Virginia counsels Linda, a woman who holds anger and resentment toward her mother (feels her mother is too critical). Virginia Satir
Many of us are looking forward to spending the holiday season with family and friends, some of us are traveling, others are hosting, and still others are gathering with their loved ones who live locally.
During these gatherings it is common for unpleasant feelings to come up, people tend to get stressed and family relationships can feel the strain of it all. Frequently large gatherings involve putting many different personality types in the same room or same house, often for extended periods of time.
Whatever the personal dynamics, this is a stressful time for many. Keeping the presuppositions in mind as you have conversations will help you to be a bit more patient, have some more understanding, and maybe improve your days a little more during this season.
If you, like so many others, are feeling a bit stressed about this holiday season, I have put something together for you.
The Stay Sane During the Holiday Season four week training will help you manage yourself and your holidays with ease. During these four weeks we will discover
How to manage our own state, even when someone is driving us nuts
How to get along with others and diffuse tense situations
How to stay calm during the crazy, and often frantic, holiday season
How to be an amazing networker so you can be the star of holiday parties you attend
How to approach the holidays with joy if you are separated from your loved ones
And a couple of holiday surprises
These will be interactive classes on the phone where we will be able to address specific challenges you are facing or anticipate needing to deal with during this season. We will take a look at some very specific things you can do to ensure you have a successful season and are able to get through it with ease. All sessions will be recorded and emailed so you can join ANYTIME!
The Stay Sane During the Holiday Season training will start on Tuesday, November 25 at 6 pm and will meet for four consecutive weeks. Calls will last about an hour and they will be interactive. Register now for only $47!
Successful Parenting Audio Seminar Series You'll discover how knowing these simple methods can make parenting so much easier and more rewarding. Learn methods for dealing with the "terrible twos," methods to help build your child's self-esteem, how to build cooperation for an easy daily routine, methods for negotiating and resolving conflict, and more. Hear stories and examples, plus Connirae's answers to questions from parents.
Families & Relationships NLP Positive Parenting I & II
Using "role plays" as a therapeutic tool, Virginia Satir contrasts effective and ineffective communication styles, demonstrates how to change viewpoints and perceptions, and illustrates how to get beyond old roles and personal history.
Connirae Andreas shows you ideas and attitudes that make parenting easier, in contrast to the all-to-common assumptions that make parenting needlessly difficult.  Discover how to create and maintain a more loving, nurturing environment for your children.  Learn simple ways to solve problems, redirect your child in a positive fashion, resolve conflict between siblings, and much more!