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Introductory Tour Of The Portable NLP Practitioner Training - Full Hour and a Half DVD NLP Training NLP Fundamentals NLP Trainer's Edition Practitioner Training Manual
Introductory Tour of "The Portable NLP Practitioner Training" Highlight excerpts from the Tour of The Portable NLP Practitioner TrainingSelections from the actual DVDs featuring quick insights and examples!

Better than any words about it, see for yourself: This Training Sampler DVD includes brief clips and full demonstrations by the trainers of NLP Comprehensive!
GET STARTED NOW with the Coordinated Handbook & DVD via Priority Shipping. You'll Enjoy the benefits of NLP now with our Exclusive Fast Start Program! Created by original NLP developers Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon, & Michael LeBeau at the peak of their powers means
For the serious student, the professional trainer, and those who want to be:

The Original 24 Day NLP Practitioner Trainers Manual: Created for NLP Comprehensive Trainers, this is the original Andreas NLP Comprehensive 24 Day Practitioner Training Trainer's Manual. This training design was the first standardized NLP Practitioner trainings created. It became the basis for almost all NLP trainings since. This manual is the Trainer's side of the training: the secrets, the stories, framing, outcomes, hints and asides that make this training so compelling and effective.
NLP Training NLP Comprehensive Master Practitioner Training on DVD NLP Training Portable NLP Practitioner Training

FLASH! The Portable NLP Master Practitioner Now Available in “Fly on the wall” Special!Raw and unedited – This footage is coming straight from the camera! If you purchased the Portable Practitioner Training, you've enjoyed a thoroughly edited, polished, and cross referenced NLP Comprehensive Practitioner Training – a tool for both the neophyte and the master.

Now You Can Master NLP In the Privacy of Your Own Home
This is the only NLP Distance Learning Practitioner Course in the world that gives you a FULL 20 DAY training program. This complete training includes the seven major NLP models and over 60 NLP processes and patterns. Most important, you get a whole lot more than just a written description.