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Core Transformation is one of the most profound processes for personal transformation.
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Healing Meditations Spirituality In NLP NLP Core Transformation
Healing Meditations
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Spirituality In NLP
Price: $24.95
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Core Transformation: A Full Demonstration
Price: $39.00
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Healing Meditations CD Nourish your spirit and your being. Join Dr. Andreas as she guides you through five life-affirming meditations. Connirae Andreas
 How to Arrive at a 'Spiritual' State in 10 Easy Steps - and Surprisingly You Start with an Unwanted Feeling, or Behavior, or Habit. We call it Core Transformation because...It flows naturally from the Center of Your Being. Connirae Andreas already had years of experience in the field of personal growth and change when she started developing the Core Transformation process. For her it was a process that came about naturally.
A Full Demonstration of the Process with Connirae Andreas, Co-Developer
See an example of the Core Transformation Process in action as Connirae Andreas resolves a profound issue, writer's block.
NLP Aligning Perceptual Positions Parental Timeline Reimprinting DVD The Identity Process: A Demonstration W/Diane
Aligning Perceptual Positions
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Parental Timeline Reimprinting DVD
Price: $39.00
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The Identity Process: A Demonstration W/Diane
Price: $39.00
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Aligning Perceptual Positions - What do you really want? How do you really feel? Are your answers colored by what someone else wants or feels? Connirae Andreas
Parental Timeline Reimprinting is included in most Core Transformation seminars and is a powerful method for using our Core States to heal our past, even in very troubled circumstances; making it a wonderful compliment to use with the Core Transformation process. A "core state" is a state of being. It is not something you do or achieve (success). It's not something you get from others (appreciation) or even yourself (self-appreciation). It is not something you know (wisdom). And it is not a specific emotion. In a somewhat complex demonstration, Connirae Andreas shows how to access your core state. Graphics and commentary help you follow along.
The Aligned Self By Connirae Andreas
The Aligned Self By Connirae Andreas
Price: $97.95
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Gain specific methods for resolving life issues, coping with day-to-day stresses, improving relationships, changing unwanted feelings, and overcoming limitations that keep you from getting what you want. This advanced set covers the following NLP topics: Aligning Perceptual Positions, the five core outcomes, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, Core Transformation¨, and the NLP Eye Movement Integrator. 523C - 8 CD's
PLUS a 14 Page Booklet in pdf that downloads to you once your order is confirmed!