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Core Transformation
Price: $16.50
Heart Of The Mind
Price: $16.50
If you already have some NLP training, this sequel to "Using Your Brain - For A Change" will help you build on your current skills. The chapters highlight advanced NLP techniques in a clear, thorough way. This book serves as a definitive guide to timelines - how people mentally code their past, present, and future - and how to use timelines to produce change rapidly. The Andreases have also included strategies for responding to criticism, shifting criteria, eliminating compulsions, getting out of destructive behaviors or relationships, helping externally-referenced individuals make their own decisions, and more. Counseling professionals will appreciate the specific, brief therapy interventions.
Core Transformation will take you on a healing inner-journey to the depths of your being.  In this book, you are presented an easy-to-follow, ten-step process for transforming unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviors by actually embracing them.  Many report, that afterwards they tend to experience a greater sense of self, and enhanced ability to understand and be more compassionate toward other people.
An all time favorite, Heart of the Mind is an engaging series of stories applying NLP in real life. There are 21 stories in all, each a living example of NLP in action. The book follows the accounts of various people whose lives have been changed and dreams turned to reality by using their own inner power to change with NLP. Even though this book is written as an introduction (with most chapters completely free of jargon), it elegantly eases the reader into a great deal of depth.
Every reader is certain to find many topics of personal relevance. The authors include clear explanations of how each
NLP Book - NLP: New Technology Of Achievement by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner | Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Know How
Price: $16.50
This book will guide you in going after what you want. You'll learn the formats - the thinking processes, perceptions, and behaviors - that naturally lead to success and fulfillment in several of life's most challenging and potentially rewarding areas. Special chapters address eating, exercise, loving, parenting, and more. The Official NLP Cafe Owner's Manual by Tom Hoobyar
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Created by the NLP Comprehensive Training Team of Steve Andreas,Charles Faulkner, Kelley Gerling, Gerry Schmidt, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, and Robert McDonald for a multi-perspective approach to applying NLP for your benefit.
NLP has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships, and achieve greater success.  Now the NLP Comrpehensive Training Team has written a book that reveals how to use this breakthrough technology to achieve whatever you want.  NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and development.  In NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, you'll be guided step-by-step through specific programs for learning the characteristics of top achievers and creating a blueprint for your own ultimate success. 
Price: $39.97
Price: $16.50
If you change the frame in which a person perceives events, you can change the meaning of those events. And when the meaning changes, the person's responses and behaviors also change. For example, Rudolf-the-Reindeer's red nose looked really funny and was subject to ridicule, but his nose became a heroic symbol when he used it to guide Santa's sleigh throughthe fog. Bandler and Grinder demonstrate how you can use this "reframing" concept to turn problem behaviors into valuable resources - and conflict situations into platforms for agreement. A must-read for counseling professionals and organizational change consultants.
How did Virginia Satir, beloved family therapy pioneer & one of the greatest therapists of our time, help so many people solve their relationship struggles?

The first section of the book describes 16 key themes and systematic patterns in Satir’s work. The second section is a richly annotated verbatim transcript of a videotaped session showing exactly how these patterns were manifested in her behavior.

A specialist in therapeutic models/techniques for correcting relationship problems and sexual dysfunction, Leslie presents basic NLP skills that you can use to establish anenriching, fulfilling couple relationship with mutually-satisfying sexual expression. You'll learn how people fall in (and out of) love. And you'll experiment with the eye-opening Relationship Evaluator.
The Emprint Method
Price: $16.50
Many people never express their potential because their emotions keep them from taking actions or risks. (Examples: A lonely woman wants to connect with other people but lets shyness prevent interaction. A worker steers clear of professional challenges to avoid feelings of inadequacy.)
This book, the foundation of Leslie Cameron-Bandler's Imperative Self Therapy, examines how emotions can lead to behaviors that don't support our well-being. It shows how we can take charge of selecting, expressing, andusing emotions. Each chapter contains tips/techniques you can use to make an immediate difference in your life.
One NLP tenet is: "If one person can do something, it can be modelled and taught to anyother person." This textbook teaches an accelerated skill acquisition process - the EMPRINT Method. It shows how an individual's behavior is a "manifestation of internal processes" and how each person's language provides the clues to understanding these internal processes. Once we know another person's internal process, we can change our own thinking to incorporate those items that will help us succeed in acquiring the skills we want. The Science of Non-Verbal Communications Michael Grinder Research indicates that 80-90% of all communication is nonverbal; Michael's delineation of 21 patterns that one can utilize with his / her eyes, voice, body (including gestures and location) and breathing is a major break through. Most amazing, perhaps, is that most of these patterns are cross-culturally accurate. The work suggests that the difference between the science and the art of nonverbal communication is the following: the science is the acquisition of
NLP Trainer's Edition Practitioner Training Manual
Learn to use NLP processes metaphorically. This fun, easy-to-use workbook will teach you how to write and tell stories for six of the most commonly used NLP processes, how to incorporate hypnotic language into your stories, and how to use "warm ups" that expand your linguistic awareness. Plus, you will get tips on enhancing your writing skills, creating stories especially for children, finding inspiration in every-day life for stories, and much more. "Trainer Training Manual" This manual is the essence of what Steve and Connirae discovered and
developed that made their trainings so uniquely valuable. Framing,
stories, how to think about training, planning and developing, and so
much more is featured in this original work. Previously only available
to Trainer Training participants.
For the serious student, the professional trainer, and those who want to be:

The Original 24 Day NLP Practitioner Trainers Manual: Created for NLP Comprehensive Trainers, this is the original Andreas NLP Comprehensive 24 Day Practitioner Training Trainer's Manual. This training design was the first standardized NLP Practitioner trainings created. It became the basis for almost all NLP trainings since. This manual is the Trainer's side of the training: the secrets, the stories, framing, outcomes, hints and asides that make this training so compelling and effective.
Discover what your identity is made of, how it functions, and how to use this knowledge to change how you think of yourself.

Easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are — and the experience of others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others’ views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback.
Now you can practice NLP in a directed way, gradually increasing your proficiency until you attain the level of competence you most desire. Intended for those with at least a fundamental level of training in NLP.

A week at a time you'll focus on a different NLP model, including Sensory Acuity, Rapport, Perceptual Positions, State Elicitation, Anchoring, Language Patterns, Congruence/Incongruence, Cues, Strategies, and Metaphor.

Little tasks like:
"During a casual conversation with someone today, deliberately mirror their body posture..."
"Today notice the physical anchors that you have in place in your work environment. Does the cartoon on your desk make you smile? Does your chair elicit a positive state? How can you enhance...?"
"Today you'll be watching for examples of simultaneous incongruence in your family members and/or co-workers. This task will require..."
"Today notice when your communication partners use predicates of meaning...
will sharpen and focus your skills and further naturalize NLP in your way of moving through life!

Convenient pocketbook size goes with you easily in pocket or purse. Author: Jan Hambrick 26 pages paperback 3.75 x 6.75 pocket book
Close your eyes, picture a pleasant future event in your own life, and notice how the picture makes you feel. Now, brighten the picture and notice how your feelings change. Most people respond more strongly to a brighter picture. Expand your use of "submodalities" - such as bright/dim, loud/quiet, hard/soft - to achieve greater understanding of others' thought processes. You can also employ submodalities to create personal change and to assist others in achieving change. Experience Richard's witty style while learning a variety of techniques for shifting unwanted states into desired results.