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Advanced Language Patterns CD Business Applications Of NLP Decision Destroyer
Decision Destroyer
Price: $24.95

One of our top sellers since its introduction, this title features world renowned author, trainer, developer, Connirae Andreas, elegantly teaching and demonstrating in front of a live audience some of the most powerful linguistic patterns developed in NLP; from prepositional forms, to Sleight of Mouth, to Meta Model III.

Sales, customer relationships, formulating an organizational vision, negotiation, Changing corporate cultures, and improving morale: These are only a few of the arenas where NLP can be valuable in the work place. An edited recording of two live seminars, this tape set provides an overview of NLP in the business world. It also provides demonstrations of two elements needed for peak individual and organizational performance, rapport and personal congruence. 510C - 2 CD's
The "Decision Destroyer" is recognized as one of the more impactful sumbodalities patterns, enabling you to accomplish reimprinting more rapidly and more thoroughly.
This program teaches you how to create robust personally-compelling resources and put them into your personal history before you needed them. When these resources are brought forward through time, all of the problem-related experiences are suddenly re-evaluated in a useful, even positive way. Regarded as powerful and transformative, the Decision Destroyer takes reimprinting to a new dimension.
Healing Meditations Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) By Connirae Andreas Modelling With NLP
Healing Meditations
Price: $29.95
Modelling With NLP
Price: $69.95
Healing Meditations CD Nourish your spirit and your being. Join Dr. Andreas as she guides you through five life-affirming meditations. Connirae Andreas
Your thoughts, beliefs, and habits influence the way you live your life and sometimes, they can get in your way of achieving important goals. NLP can help you identify and address the things that are standing between you and your dreams. This down-to-earth audio seminar provides tangible exercises and examples to introduce you to the possibilities of NLP.

The greatest innovations in NLP were modeled from exemplars such as Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir. David participated in the development of these early models as well as many others. In this dynamic program he reveals the core components of his modeling program. David demonstrates with several people how the modeling process works and provides exercises for you to develop these skills yourself. An understanding of NLP is required for this program. David is one of the original developers of NLP. Here are his secrets for successful modeling with NLP. 528C - 5 CD's
PLUS a 16 Page Booklet in pdf that downloads to you once your order is confirmed!
Negotiations: Winning More Than Money NLP - 7th Biennial International NLP Conference Sessions Outrageous Consulting By Lara Ewing
Negotiation: Winning More Than Money CD Learn the key skills from this negotiations master and NLP co-developer, Michael Lebeau.

Welcome to the 7th Biennial International NLP and Health Audio Conference!

The Latest and Greatest from Top NLP Authors!

Recorded in digital audio and then professionally edited for maximum quality, includes:

43 Presentations

Presenters Include:

• Judith Delozier • Steve Andreas • Robert Dilts
• Kevin Creedon • Charles Faulkner • Art Giser
• Tim and Kris Hallbom • Dee Kinder • Richard Gray
• Don Blackerby • Juan Francisco Ramírez M.

Over 120 Hours of audio content in all!

Outrageous Consulting is about broadening the range of capacities we use to create results in business. By encouraging the use of a wide range of our intellectual spectrum, we literally involve more human resources in meeting the challenges of business today. An incredibly valuable resource for consultants, trainers, or any change agent in an organization.
Powerful Presentations and Fearless Public Speaking: The Fundamentals Of Group Dynamics Recreating Yourself Spirituality In NLP
Recreating Yourself
Price: $69.95
Spirituality In NLP
Price: $24.95
Creating and delivering winning presentations is ever more important to your success. In this program you will get a series of easy to follow templates for designing and delivering memorably effective presentations, guaranteed. Do you know how group size alone should affect your style? That's just one of the critical In this powerful audio program you'll discover how your beliefs or generalizations about others or their surroundings are powerful enablers - or disablers - of you behaviors and accomplishments, and how the beliefs you hold about yourself shape (for good or ill) you life.

You'll find easy-to-follow demonstrations, explanations, and exercises that provide surprisingly simple and practical ways to change your experience of who you are — and the experience of others if you work as a therapist or coach. Learn how to strengthen your sense of self to become more independent of others’ views, while at the same time becoming more responsive to useful feedback.

 How to Arrive at a 'Spiritual' State in 10 Easy Steps - and Surprisingly You Start with an Unwanted Feeling, or Behavior, or Habit. We call it Core Transformation because...It flows naturally from the Center of Your Being. Connirae Andreas already had years of experience in the field of personal growth and change when she started developing the Core Transformation process. For her it was a process that came about naturally.
Stories That Change People Submodalities - An Inside View Of Your Mind Successful Parenting
How to Tell a Story that Helps People Change

It was David Gordon that 'cracked the code' on Milton Erickson's storytelling

Milton would tell someone a story, assign a task, (or send them out to climb Squaw Peak)...
...and this would lead them to change.

Now you can learn how to do the same.
Faulkner guides you to discover a new world of experience, a world you may have thought you knew very well. You will look, listen and feel these experiences in a new way through their component submodalities. These are the elements that make up what you see, hear and feel. Learn methods which harness the power of submodalities to resolve almost any difficulty and change the direction of your life.
Successful Parenting Audio Seminar Series You'll discover how knowing these simple methods can make parenting so much easier and more rewarding. Learn methods for dealing with the "terrible twos," methods to help build your child's self-esteem, how to build cooperation for an easy daily routine, methods for negotiating and resolving conflict, and more. Hear stories and examples, plus Connirae's answers to questions from parents.
The Aligned Self By Connirae Andreas The Essence Of Intuition The Forgiveness Pattern By Steve Andreas
Gain specific methods for resolving life issues, coping with day-to-day stresses, improving relationships, changing unwanted feelings, and overcoming limitations that keep you from getting what you want. This advanced set covers the following NLP topics: Aligning Perceptual Positions, the five core outcomes, Parental Timeline Reimprinting, Core Transformation¨, and the NLP Eye Movement Integrator. 523C - 8 CD's
PLUS a 14 Page Booklet in pdf that downloads to you once your order is confirmed!
In this unique audio seminar, Charles Faulkner demonstrates how all ideas start as intuitions. You'll examine how people actually listen to their intuition; how to use emotions to encourage rather than block intuition; and how to sort out false intuitions from real ones. Charles teaches the intuition methods of several great inventors, discoverers and decision-makers. You'll get to contrast the limits of logic with the possibilities of intuition!
This CD set presents a very effective process for dealing with anger and resentment - and reaching a state of forgiveness. (Note: In this live recording, the group comments and demonstration subject are barely audible. However, Steve's clear, step-by-step presentation and the enclosed written outline make up for the deficiencies in the sound.)
Training Design & Delivery
NLP applied to training yields a clear and powerful structure to push your training to a new level. Whether you present to large groups, consult with small organizations or run meetings, this tape set offers the structure to make all of your presentations dynamic and influential. On the first CD Gerry  Schmidt teaches the fundamental structure for excellent NLP training, and on the second CD Lara Ewing guides you through the how-to's of making great openings and closings.