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Introductory Tour Of The Portable NLP Practitioner Training - Full Hour and a Half DVD Trainer Training Manual - Andreas NLP - 7th Biennial International NLP Conference Sessions
Introductory Tour of "The Portable NLP Practitioner Training" Highlight excerpts from the Tour of The Portable NLP Practitioner TrainingSelections from the actual DVDs featuring quick insights and examples!

Better than any words about it, see for yourself: This Training Sampler DVD includes brief clips and full demonstrations by the trainers of NLP Comprehensive!
"Trainer Training Manual" This manual is the essence of what Steve and Connirae discovered and
developed that made their trainings so uniquely valuable. Framing,
stories, how to think about training, planning and developing, and so
much more is featured in this original work. Previously only available
to Trainer Training participants.

Welcome to the 7th Biennial International NLP and Health Audio Conference!

The Latest and Greatest from Top NLP Authors!

Recorded in digital audio and then professionally edited for maximum quality, includes:

• 43 Presentations

• Presenters Include:

• Judith Delozier • Steve Andreas • Robert Dilts
• Kevin Creedon • Charles Faulkner • Art Giser
• Tim and Kris Hallbom • Dee Kinder • Richard Gray
• Don Blackerby • Juan Francisco Ramνrez M.

• Over 120 Hours of audio content in all!

Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) By Connirae Andreas Submodalities - An Inside View Of Your Mind Making Futures Real: Requisite Change  Part I & II
Your thoughts, beliefs, and habits influence the way you live your life and sometimes, they can get in your way of achieving important goals. NLP can help you identify and address the things that are standing between you and your dreams. This down-to-earth audio seminar provides tangible exercises and examples to introduce you to the possibilities of NLP.

Faulkner guides you to discover a new world of experience, a world you may have thought you knew very well. You will look, listen and feel these experiences in a new way through their component submodalities. These are the elements that make up what you see, hear and feel. Learn methods which harness the power of submodalities to resolve almost any difficulty and change the direction of your life. Learn about the nine necessary components for effective weight loss and maintenance. Rich with subtle weight loss interventions, the first part includes an exquisite demonstration of how to build a compelling blueprint for the future. The second disc in this set includes a detailed commentary on the processes used by Cameron-Bandler. A 63-page transcript accompanies either or both DVDs. 722 & 723D - DVD-R, 90 Minutes
Modelling With NLP Unconscious Competence Calendar NLP Trainer's Edition Practitioner Training Manual
Modelling With NLP
Price: $69.95
The greatest innovations in NLP were modeled from exemplars such as Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir. David participated in the development of these early models as well as many others. In this dynamic program he reveals the core components of his modeling program. David demonstrates with several people how the modeling process works and provides exercises for you to develop these skills yourself. An understanding of NLP is required for this program. David is one of the original developers of NLP. Here are his secrets for successful modeling with NLP. 528C - 5 CD's
PLUS a 16 Page Booklet in pdf that downloads to you once your order is confirmed!
Now you can practice NLP in a directed way, gradually increasing your proficiency until you attain the level of competence you most desire. Intended for those with at least a fundamental level of training in NLP.

A week at a time you'll focus on a different NLP model, including Sensory Acuity, Rapport, Perceptual Positions, State Elicitation, Anchoring, Language Patterns, Congruence/Incongruence, Cues, Strategies, and Metaphor.

Little tasks like:
"During a casual conversation with someone today, deliberately mirror their body posture..."
"Today notice the physical anchors that you have in place in your work environment. Does the cartoon on your desk make you smile? Does your chair elicit a positive state? How can you enhance...?"
"Today you'll be watching for examples of simultaneous incongruence in your family members and/or co-workers. This task will require..."
"Today notice when your communication partners use predicates of meaning...
will sharpen and focus your skills and further naturalize NLP in your way of moving through life!

Convenient pocketbook size goes with you easily in pocket or purse. Author: Jan Hambrick 26 pages paperback 3.75 x 6.75 pocket book
For the serious student, the professional trainer, and those who want to be:

The Original 24 Day NLP Practitioner Trainers Manual: Created for NLP Comprehensive Trainers, this is the original Andreas NLP Comprehensive 24 Day Practitioner Training Trainer's Manual. This training design was the first standardized NLP Practitioner trainings created. It became the basis for almost all NLP trainings since. This manual is the Trainer's side of the training: the secrets, the stories, framing, outcomes, hints and asides that make this training so compelling and effective.